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Healing begins with hope.
Without hope, your doctor wouldn't bother treating you.
Without hope, you'd never start treatment.
No one says hope shrinks tumors.
But it does support action.
It also inspires courage and resilience and improves our mood.
Medicine and spirituality are two important sources of hope when we're facing cancer.
On the medical side, we may draw hope from: *Our doctor's achievements.
*Our hospital's reputation.
*Contact with survivors who share our diagnosis.
*Ongoing research and the possibility of a breakthrough.
On the spiritual side, hope can spring from a conviction that our lives have meaning and purpose.
We may hope in the unfailing presence of a loving higher power, as expressed in the famous Bible verse: "Even though I walk through a valley dark as death I fear no evil, for thou art with me, thy staff and thy crook are my comfort" (Psalm 23:4, NEB).
Knowing that others are praying for us can powerfully support hope.
A young woman was once receiving cancer treatment as an inpatient.
She and her husband eagerly told how people from their church had gathered in their home, encircled the woman and prayed for her healing.
The wave of love that the couple felt from this gathering gave a strong lift to their hope.
TIP: What are your most powerful sources of hope? If you wish, create a visual reminder of whatever gives you hope and display it where you'll see it often.
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