Ghost Whisperer - Melinda Gordon is Not the Only One in Her Family Who Has This Ability

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In my day to day training of sales professionals, many who are mediocre at best and failing at worst continue to resist some simple testing and measuring tools for determining what they are doing that is working and what they are doing that is not working.
The most common excuse I hear is that they don't have time.
However, when the most successful sales professionals in the world subscribe to testing and measuring, I have a lot of difficulty accepting this lame excuse.
Making the same mistakes over and over takes infinitely more time than determining what is working and what is not working and adjusting your activities accordingly.
I ran across this little gem this weekend.
It really brought into focus how most of us live our lives.
The only problem is that many of us are stuck in Chapters, 1,2, and 3, never reaching Chapters 4 and 5.
It wasn't very long ago that I could have written this myself.
Through trial and error and some incredible mentors, I am now well past this scary scenario.
I want you to join me! Read this short, but powerful lesson and then take action! AUTOBIOGRAPHY IN FIVE CHAPTERS Chapter 1.
I am on a road There is a deep hole I fall in I am lost.
desperate It is not my fault It takes an eternity to find a way out Chapter 2.
I am on the same road There is a deep hole I pretend not to see it I fall in again I cannot believe I am in the same situation But it is not my fault It takes a long time to find a way out Chapter 3.
I am on the same road There is a deep hole I see that it is there I fall in again.
It is habit My eyes are open I know where I am It is my fault I come out immediately Chapter 4.
I am on the same road There is a deep hole I walk around it Chapter 5.
I walk on another road --Rinpoche Wow.
Have you been there?I have.
That's why I am So passionate about helping others avoid these costly mistakes.
What do YOU continue to do on daily basis that is producing little or not results, other than frustration? Certainly, we can all fill in the blank here: Continuing to do what we have always done and expecting a different result is the very definition of _________________.
What skills or knowledge that if you learned or mastered would produce a fantastic result in your career or sales results? What is holding you back from learning those skills? What is holding you back and preventing your from moving forward and making a commitment to excellence? Whatever it is, make a promise right now, this very minute to move past it.
Otherwise you wind up in the fill in the blank paragraph earlier.
As we approach the beginning of a brand new year, we really need to pull out ALL the stops and get the results we want.
Take action.
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