Fishing for Sunfish

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Many fishermen have heard of the sunfish.
For most, it is the first fish they have ever caught.
The sunfish is a small, round fish that lives in a variety of waterways.
While you will not find very many of them in some streams and rivers, you can find a lot of them in lakes and ponds.
Man-made reservoirs also hold a lot of them as well.
They are easily caught in large numbers for two reasons.
The first reason is that they are aggressive, so they will bite most any bait they can fit in their mouths.
The second reason is they live in schools, which means where there is one, there are most likely more.
In order to catch these fish, you must have the right equipment and fish using the right method.
The equipment part is extremely simple.
Really, any equipment is the right equipment.
Even a very crude, homemade set up can catch sunfish.
As was stated before, many times it will be children with their low quality rods and reels who catch these fish.
As for the technique, all you need is a bobber, a number six, eight, or ten hook, and some grubs.
Bait the hook with these grubs and then position the bobber above it.
You will want the bobber to be about one or two feet above the hook.
Once you are done, cast this rig out and wait for the bobber to sink.
This will mean there is a sunfish on the hook.
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