DATA COMPASS was adopted by the third Railway Exploration and design institution in China especial f

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Through long term study and reasoning, The third Railway exploration and design institution officially declare to bring in DATA COMPASS which is produced by SalvationDATA as its preferred device for daily data info security in July, 2009, and it was decided to put it into action exact that month. The institution is the first top-100 exploration and design institution in China with excellent capacity to recovery data all over the world.

The institution is a comprehensive national A- class design one , which is specializing in exploring and designing of railway  highwaycity traffic route etc, its general strength ranks the top of exploration and design utility in china with AAA credibility rate. More than 25000 kilometers railway accomplished by the institution, which takes up one third of the total railway coverage, And having completed over 3000 kilometers railway exploration and design outside china, it brings up good international reputation. Apart from 31 projects of exploration and design, it covers passenger flow prediction disaster alarming environment controlling and ventilation backup system.

As a large-scale professional exploration and design utility, the institution possesses advanced computer web system Architectural and Engineering Document  computer Management systemintegrating exploration and design system Office Automation System video meeting system, and each designer has a  PC, in 1999 it was regarded as model Enterprise of national CAD implementation project by national science and technology department; scores of application of worldwide leading communication system and web system as well as how to ensure related important data design blueprint planning as and the sustained and effective execution of important national task, all these not only requires accurate all-aroundeffective guarantee but also place emphasis on the combination of  rapidness flexibility sustainability in operation and execution.

As the critical version of DATA COMPASS series, Data Compass especial for utilities and enterprises not only effectively solves the data imaging, but also works out the data recovery caused by fault delete fault clone fault format fault partitionvirussevere HD bad sector HD head instability disk not detected etc with rapidness effectiveness accuracy. On the basis of original mature technique, Version for utilities and enterprises actually add limitless function expansion and human operation, so as to make it equipped with such features as carefree setupcarefree operation carefree maintain.

By introducing data compass, the institution has optimized its data security strategy, info security code and rules,  data compass has built up a sound barrier to protect the security of data info. Data compass clear up worries and problems for relative leader by overall elevating the efficiency of data info recovery, ensuring the security of critical confidential data info and improving the management. It is a goal of SD DATA COMPASS to make national railway exploration and design business come into a new era in data info security technique management effectiveness.
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