Fun Games for Gatherings

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    Indoor Games

    • If your gathering is indoors, there are many types of games from which to choose. Playing a board game such as "Monopoly" or "Scrabble" works well for a small group. With more people, games like "Apples to Apples" or "Trivial Pursuit" get everyone involved. Similarly, team games such as "Pictionary" or charades are popular for gatherings. Guests draw or act out a secret phrase, and their teammates try to guess what it is. Another option is to play a card game -- poker, bridge, or rummy are a few games traditionally played at gatherings.

    Outdoor Games

    • In nice weather, there are many games that are great for gatherings. Games like volleyball, basketball or football can be played by small or large groups and don't require a lot of equipment. Traditional children's games such as "freeze tag," "red light, green light," or "hide and seek" can also be a lot of fun. Another option for a gathering is to create a scavenger hunt or competition such as "capture the flag." Guests can break off individually or in groups to search throughout a designated area.

    Video Games

    • There are a number of video games that allow people to rock out to their favorite music.Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images

      If you own a video game system such as Wii, Xbox or PlayStation, there are many games geared to group gatherings. Some games that are good for groups are those modeled off of popular television game shows, such as "Family Feud," "Jeopardy," and "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" Depending on the number of people present, you can play as individuals, or break off into teams. There are also many games that involve movement that make good games for gatherings. "Dance Dance Revolution" or "Guitar Hero" are two examples. Guests can take turns competing while everyone else watches.

    Role Playing Games

    • An entire gathering can focus on a role-playing game. For an easy game, you can purchase pre-written stories and instructions. If you feel creative, you can develop the story and the characters yourself. . One example would be a murder mystery game. One guest is assigned to be the killer, and everyone plays the role of a different person. Guests ask questions to try and figure out who the killer is.

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