You Don"t Have to Be a Drill Sergeant to Be Disciplined

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Daily Positive Personal Development Many of us backslide on the things that we commit to.
Research shows that we need 30 minutes of positive personal development every day.
It's been talked about for years, but no one has ever put a personal evolution system together like the one I have created (For more information please check "resource box" at the bottom of the article).
Through consistent daily positive support you will achieve the goals that you are striving for.
Backslide We all have issues where we backslide.
One of my mentors, Larry, is 55 years old.
He is a machine at my gym.
He caught a little "bug" on a trip he took to Denver that knocked him back for a week and half.
We want to think that we are all super people and we are.
We have this gift, this ability to be divine.
We are the miracle of birth and every day is a miracle.
We all have setbacks, even Larry.
It is what it is.
Life happens.
We have to learn to be able to reconnect to the things that are important to us.
We have to learn to reconnect to get back on that horse and go forward.
You have to really commit to a game plan over time.
You just can't do it for a couple of days and expect things to happen.
Instant Gratification I do some business building and I coach a lot of people.
What I see a lot are people that want instantaneous "overnight success".
The big secret is that it takes a lot of hard work to be an overnight success.
It's funny because you will talk to people and they will say "it's awesome you got on that TV program and everything blew up for you!" They don't talk about the years and years of hard work that were put into their dream that really manifested that.
We have to learn that instant gratification is something that we need to be aware of and watch out for.
I'm not telling you that you that you can't manifest things in time because you can.
Life Happens We also have to understand that life is going to happen.
There's a cycle of life and death.
Things happen in the world, we all go through it.
We lose loved ones and family members.
Things happen, just last year I lost one of my best friends for the last 17 years, my dog.
I was mourning and wasn't able to continue to press on.
We have to understand that those times come.
The people that are victorious are the ones that come back and reconnect.
I heard a wonderful quote and I don't remember if it's exactly this.
True success is this: It's getting knocked down five times and getting up six.
Get Back On The Path Everything is going to happen the way it's supposed to happen because we have no judgment.
You can't judge because you go down your path for a reason.
You don't know at that moment, at that particular time why you are going through that path.
When things get a little challenging we sometimes throw up our hands and say "this isn't working, I'm going to move on to the next thing".
I see it so much with people and their systems of organization.
They start on one path, they start getting organized, then they switch to the next system but they never give that system enough time to work.
They can't handle that anxiety that comes from not getting the instantaneous gratification.
Those people always want something new, always wanting to do something else and can't find the satisfaction.
They can't find that real inner peace.
I want you to have the satisfaction that comes from knowing that you are the miracle of birth and that things are working.
When that challenging time comes, it's OK.
You missed a couple of days, just get back to it.
So you missed a few days at the gym, get back to it.
Don't freak out and never go back.
Don't worry about what other people think and say, "I can't go back in there, I'll be embarrassed".
That's a bunch of bunk.
Get back in there! That's the hardest part.
What Will Make A Difference? This article is about re-connecting to what's important in life and what's going to make a difference.
Are you still on path? Are you on target? It's time to re-evaluate our situation today and see if we are working toward that lifestyle.
What level of discipline is it going to take? What are the things that I said I was going to do and I haven't taken the action, I didn't have a big enough "why", or I didn't set my goals? That's the re-connection that I want you to make today.
What are the things that are really going to make a difference? Let's continue to move forward and put tremendous energy into the world!
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