Impossible to Lose Belly Fat? Try These Three Weird Tips to Lose Belly Fat Fast

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Nothing is more frustrating that sitting down in your favorite jeans and feeling that excess fat roll over your belt line.
You've tried exhausting workouts.
You've tried the fad diets.
You've tried the latest fitness gadget.
And, still It seems like it's just impossible to lose belly fat.
I'm here to assure you that it really is possible to lose belly fat and it's not all that hard once you know and follow these three weird fat loss tips.
Weird Tip #1 - Chew your food.
This is often entirely overlooked, even in professional and medically supervised diet programs.
The fact is that digestion actually starts in the mouth.
The act of chewing not only breaks down foods into more digestible particles, but it also starts an enzymatic "chain reaction" that readies the rest of your digestive system to efficiently process and extract necessary nutrients from the foods you eat.
So even with liquid foods, like protein shakes, yogurt or milk chew a few times before swallowing and you will digest these items much more efficiently and completely.
With everything else, chew until the texture of the food you're eating is no longer recognizable.
You will get to enjoy your favorite foods for even longer, you will be more relaxed, and you will feel full from less.
Weird Tip #2 - Stop doing crunches.
Believe it or not, doing all those crunches are not helping you to lose belly fat.
In order to lose that excess fat, you will need to burn additional calories.
Crunches only work a small muscle group that is not highly active from a metabolic standpoint.
Simply put, crunches don't burn enough calories for the effort.
Even worse, flexing your trunk repetitively as when performing crunches has a tendency to shorten the hip flexors and create a posture which will actually tends to accentuate your belly roll and make it appear as though you have more belly fat than you actually do.
Weird Tip #3 - Go Organic.
Eliminate artificial ingredients, pesticides and especially preservatives from your diet.
These nasty ingredients in the foods you eat are toxic to your body.
In an effort to keep some of these toxins from flooding your bloodstream, your body will store some of those toxins within excess body fat.
This means that as a protective mechanism, your body will hold on to the toxic fat or even add more fat to keep from overloading your system and making you sick.
When you eliminate these chemicals from your diet, and begin eating healthy, natural, organic foods, your body will begin to quickly release the excess tissue.
You will lose weight and begin feeling better from this simple switch.
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