Importance of the Year 2012

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What is so important about December 2012? For those who may have been unaware of all the hype about the year 2012 the world as we know it will supposedly come to an end.
This belief is based on the assumption the Mayan calendar ends on December 20, 2012.
For those who do not know the Mayan calendar is very accurate in its ability to record time.
The Mayan calendar has kept current with the days, weeks, months, and years even with the extension of the Mayans civilization.
The most notable event relating to the calendar is connected to a Mayan prophecy saying the world as they knew it would come to an end.
For the many inhabitants who currently live in this world at this time the thought of the world may end is very unsettling.
The Mayan are correct, the world as they knew it is coming to an end in the year 2012.
The Mayan were not referring to the physical world but the conscious of mankind.
In the 70's there was song titled "Age of Aquarius by the 5th Dimension" this song spoke about the time where "Peace will guide the plants, Love will steer the stars, with Harmony and Understanding, Sympathy and Trust Abounding, No more Falsehoods or Derision, and the Mind's True Liberation ".
The World and all of her civilizations began entering The Age of Aquarius in the year 1992 and it will come into its full existence by the end of the year 2012 which it will reign for the next 2000+ years.
So what does this mean for the average person? For many individuals they may or may not be aware of the change.
The shift to Higher Energy Levels started in the year 1992.
On June 20, 2002 the earth was in its summer equinox, but what makes this date special was our solar system entered into a solar equinox.
The equinox is the time when there is a balance between the darkness and light.
At this time our solar system started the process of moving from darkness to that of light.
The moving into "Light" implemented the activation of the Higher Energy Levels.
With the activation of the higher energy levels there began a subtle shifts of awareness.
The shifts of awareness have become more noticeable and frequent as the year 2012 approaches.
The awareness has an effect to heighten the sense of compassion for mankind.
When an individual embraces these higher energies it can often be unsettling.
The reason for this is the Higher Energies accountability to the balancing of the male / female energies with compassion and integrity.
No longer can society take the stand that one gender is better than another.
To say just because you are a male your rights supersede the rights of a female is no longer being accepted.
With the influx of the feminine energy individuals are evaluating their perception as how one views their surroundings.
Many males have become aware of how much more sensitive they are to their emotions.
This sensitivity has open their awareness of how they interact with others.
No longer do they have a "I don't care attitude", but are becoming aware of their actions and how their actions have an effect on others.
Women believe because it is a feminine energy they are better able to handle the influx.
This could not be further from the truth.
In fact women are having a greater difficulty in adjusting to the energies.
One of the reasons for the difficulty it requires women to leave their pettiness and bickering behind.
This means they can no longer keep bring up the past and holding it over others.
This statement is true for everybody.
We must learn from the past but we must not let the past control who we wish to become.
The energies afford an individual to examine their character and to acknowledge their weakness and strengthens.
With the acknowledgment of one's weakness and strengths one is able to make adjustments.
To change to the higher awareness is not always easy.
For many individuals the commitment to change requires them to relinquish their self-asserting attitudes.
For many it infers the fear of losing of ones' identity.
What is lost is the negative attributes of the individual and their attitudes they expressed to and about mankind.
They begin to live life with a true compassion for mankind and their action speaks with integrity.
For this to be a true transformation it requires a committed effort to make the changes.
Not every individual is willing to commit to this undertaking and for this reason each individual has the choice as to whether they will accept the higher energies.
If an individual is willing to begin to accept the Higher Energies the benefits will truly out weigh the struggles of change.
The transformation to the higher energies will bring one into the Higher Conscious.
Roy M.
James, Master Energy Teacher
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