How to Start Apricot Seeds

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    • 1). Remove the pit from an apricot and allow it to dry in a warm area for four days. This allows the seed inside to separate from the pit slightly, reducing the chance of breaking it.

    • 2). Open the apricot pit, using a nutcracker, revealing the seed inside. The seed should resemble an almond.

    • 3). Soak the seed in a cup of water for 24 hours.

    • 4). Place 3 inches of potting soil into a jar and add water until all of the soil is damp.

    • 5). Poke a quarter-inch hole into the potting soil with your index finger.

    • 6). Place the seed into the hole and cover loosely with soil. Place the lid back onto the jar.

    • 7). Refrigerate the jar for one to two months, until you see a sprout poke up through the soil. Remove the seed from the refrigerator and take the lid off the jar.

    • 8). Allow the started apricot to grow in the jar, in a sunny area, for one month before transplanting it into a larger container.

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