African American Poetry [By a white man]

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1 Woman from Alabam' I once known a woman from Alabam' Who would kiss with a slam and a bang! And-all I could smell, when we made love, so well, Was cabbage, snuff and chicken-wings.
#1196 2/10/06 2 The He-bee The He-bee Said to the she-bee "Stand still a while, I'm going to make you smile; Give you some honey~!" #1195 2/10/06 3 The Nut in the Rut Here's to you 'Nut!' Who's stuck in a rut--, With slimy hips and all; I'd rather die, in some Pumpkin pie, than kiss Those drippin' lips! #1197 2/10/06 Flat on her Back Flat on her back she Called to me-- Said she had something And it was free...
-- But something for nothin' Didn't include pussy...
! #1198 1/10/06 Note:you see in Siluk's poetry a zest for life, with some sparks; he lives in a world that is his own, for the most part, most of the time, and has lived in most places he's written about.
He lived in Alabama for 2 1/2 years in the late '60s and again in the late 70's.
His German poems, take the road he traveled in Germany, as well as his time in Seattle, San Francisco, Minnesota and Peru.
Some with humor like the ones on African American Poetry, and some on tradition which deal with Peru; and some on the winters of Minnesota.
Thus, he seems to reach to whatever his mood is for the places he's been to.
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