Getting Ready For the Gym

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When it comes to working out, nobody wants to think about the right things to eat or drink and most people don't really care for stretching exercises either? In this article we provide some simple tips to improving your workout regime.

As stated in the summary above, working out can be a daunting challenge if you're not particularly used to it. The first time in a gym can be an alien experience, while you're surrounded by, quite often, people who are in fantastic shape. Don't worry; they have been going to the gym for years!

First off - stretch!

Stretching your muscles is important. If you go into an exercise routine without having warmed up your body, you risk hurting yourself and underperforming. Also, your body won't be as sustainable in your workout.

Many personal trainers even consider stretching a form of exercise, so make sure you do it before you hit the weights or the treadmill!

Keep hydrated

Another massively important tip that many people forget about - drink plenty of water. Water will keep you hydrated which is a requirement of not only healthy living, but your body needs it more than ever during exercise.

A lot of people don't drink enough water during their routine - make sure you keep yourself well hydrated and drink water before and after the workout too.

Take a friend

Working out alone is boring and can have a negative impact on your mental wellbeing. This goes twice for people who are particularly reluctant to exercise. If possible, take a friend with you to the gym. Many gyms now offer a discount when two people sign up together, so be sure to take full advantage of this.

Get a routine

It may be yet another daunting task but there is no point in going to the gym when you feel like it and doing random tasks once you arrive.
Set a plan - go 3 times a week and perform the same routines in roughly the same order. There is no point in going to the gym completely randomly and doing random things while you are there - this may help you get fitter but it will not help you reach your potential.

Diet along with working out

This sounds extra tough but I don't mean you should cut out all fattening foods and eat celery every day. Just look to cut down on the rubbish you eat - get more fruit and veg. Even little things like drinking a bit less alcohol or avoiding the sweets section in the supermarket can help here.

Eating healthily compliments going to the gym incredibly well and whether you are trying to lose weight, tone up or just want to improve fitness, a sensible and structured regime will help you achieve your goals.


So to summarise - going to the gym does not have to be as painful as you might think. Even the most reluctant of people can have enjoyable workouts when following a few simple steps that will improve your experience. And as everybody knows - if you're having fun you are more likely to make it a regular thing.


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