Dog Vomiting - Yuck! My Dog Just Threw Up

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Just about everyone who has, or has had, a dog, has either thought or said that or something close to it.
Over the years every dog I've had has thrown up at one time or another.
For some it was a weekly thing and others hardlly ever.
We had one dog, Shelly, who threw up only once, that we know of, in all the years we had her.
Right on the new couch.
A dog vomiting is a pretty common occurrence.
Most of the time it's caused by eating something they shouldn't have.
As they walk around the yard, or even while you're out walking them their nose is to the ground and anything that looks interesting like a leaf, a pebble, paper or plastic wrappers, sticks, I could go on and on, they have to check it out and put it in their mouth.
It can also be caused by overfeeding, which can also cause diarrhea.
It is amazing the things dogs will eat.
Why Is My Dog Vomiting? Diet Change - changes in their diet like new dog food Eating Too Rapidly - What dog hasn't Food Allergy - Food allergies in dogs usually show as itchy skin.
If the GI tract is affected it is much more likely to cause diarrhea.
Obstructing objects - Anything that blocks the exit from the stomach to the intestines will eventually cause vomiting.
Sticks, stones, too big a piece from their bones or rubber toys.
However, there are a many other causes that can be from either the gastrointestinal system itself or a disease somewhere else in the body.
What Else Could Be Causing Doggie To Throw Up? Parasites - Young dogs and puppies that have large numbers of roundworms or hookworms may vomit.
These puppies usually have as large potbelly.
Heat Stroke - Heat stroke is common in dogs if they are left out in the sun too long in the hot summer months.
Liver Disease - Your vet can check their blood enzymes.
A high enzyme level could mean liver disease.
Motion Sickness - Many dogs get sick their first few times in a car, but after a while they usually get over it.
Pancreatitis - If their pancreas become inflammed that could cause frequent vomiting.
Middle and Inner Ear Disease - If they get an ear infection that gets to the inner ear, that can affect the organs of balance and can cause vomiting.
Dogs will tilt or shake their heads or scratch their ear.
What Did They Throw Up? - If what they threw up is high in mucus it indicates that the stomach or high intestine is inflamed.
- Undigested food can indicate food poisoning, anxiety, or simply over eating.
- Bile is often present when vomiting is caused by inflammatory bowel disease or pancreatitis.
- Flecks of bright blood could mean that they have an open sore in their stomach.
- If there is brown specs that look like coffee grounds, that could be dried blood which could mean the problem is farther down the intestine.
- Strong digestive odors suggests intestinal blockage.
- Garbage type things like paper wrappers, food containers, bits of aluminum foil, etc.
then this is probably from eating crap that will be easy to manage.
Many objects that initially cause vomiting are eventually passed in the stool.
I've seen a full size superball in the poop of a Lab.
Throwing up can empty the stomach of things that could be the cause like spoiled food, leaves etc.
How To Treat Your Dogs Vomiting Vomiting is a symptom, it is not a disease.
So the cause will determine the treatment.
If the dog is only vomiting occasionally, and otherwise normal then treatment is probably not necessary.
Some dogs with sensitive stomachs will vomit once or twice a month regardless of any treatment, and if they are otherwise normal then treatment probably isn't necessary.
For acute vomiting cases, the first thing is to not feed them for 24 hrs.
but keep plenty of water available.
After that time, only give them small portions of a very bland food, such as chicken and boiled rice, for a few days.
Instead of a big meal, give them little meals several times a day.
Dehydration is a concern for any animal that is vomiting.
If your dog is contiually throwing up, and can't even hold down water, you should take them to the vet immediately.
This could be a severe problem, like an obstruction, that could possibly need surgery.
If they can hold down water and are only vomiting occasionally, then you can try the home remedies of smaller meals of the bland diet.
Though treating the symptom itself will often improve their comfort, if you believe the problem may be serious it is better to be safe than sorry and get your dog to your veteranarian for the correct diagnosis of the underlying cause.
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