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One of the biggest worries when a mom to be is preparing for baby is the baby's room.
Having the proper baby furniture and bedding is essential.
But, what do you need and what isn't necessary? Sure, it's nice to have a whole room designed to a nursery theme with crib, rocker, bassinet, and changing table.
A crib needs a larger space, so most parents have to have the nursery done.
This means that you probably won't be able to keep the baby in the same room with you.
During the night when the baby wakes, you'll have to get up and go out to get the infant for feeding and changing.
Also a crib is much larger, so the little infant will look so very tiny lying there.
A bassinet is portable.
The base has wheels so you can roll it from one room to another.
A crib is much harder to move, so during the day you will still need to have a smaller bed for the baby in the living room or den.
Plus, the sleeping basket comes out of the bassinet so you can take the baby's bed with you when you travel.
Be prepared that the crib might feel a bit large to the baby who has been accustomed to a bassinet, but the transition will be much easier when the baby is older than it would have been with a newborn.
If your baby seems bothered by the size of the crib, try putting a pillow at his feet to give the illusion of a smaller space.
However, if your baby is turning over on his own, or scooting about the crib, leave the pillow out, as it can be dangerous.
To make the transition easier, have the baby take naps in the crib for a few weeks before you move him in there for the whole night.
Ideally, have baby take naps in his crib from the very beginning, so that when you move him there permanently, the surroundings will be familiar.
The kids are too small to understand the difference about having gender specific cartoons and animals and they are attracted to anything which pleases their eyes and make them smile.
It is just that when they get a little older, little boys would feel a little awkward having his bed done in pinks and pastels.
When baby girls grow older, their beds could have blinds with the curtains hanging on rods above.
This gives the bed somewhat a princess bed kind of appearance.
Not that the girls would be complaining! Bedding is one interesting avenue where there are a lot of options in store for the parent from choosing the kind and texture of sheets, the choice of colors and baby bedding patterns.
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