How To Understand Another Person"s View Of The World

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Have you ever found yourself assuming that everyone thinks the same way about something as you do? Sometimes we forget that another person may see the world in a different way to us.
The expression about getting into someone else's shoes is not necessarily to be taken literally although there was a well known actress who found she got into her character by putting on their shoes.
By experiencing the other character almost literally form the ground upwards she was able to 'get into the skin' if that person.
What this technique helps you do is to be able to see, in your mind's eye, the world as though through the other person's eyes.
Although this may sound as if it wouldn't be possible to do this, you can do so by moving into a different place physically or putting on the shoes.
You can also get a sense of this by standing in a different place and saying to yourself, 'I'm seeing the world through so and so's eyes now', and noticing what feelings come up for you.
It's an exercise to do without thinking about it too deeply, just being aware of whatever thoughts or emotions come into your mind.
Though it seems strange it is possible when doing this to connect in some way with how the other person might react to a situation.
Counsellors use this technique by getting their client to sit in another chair and see the world through the eyes of another person.
It's useful to do this when you have a disagreement with someone yet can't understand why they have reacted so negatively to what you suggested.
When you try this technique you need to see yourself through the other person's eyes, so to speak.
This can give you an amazing insight into the way you appear to others, particularly to the person you are having a difficult time with.
You may find by stepping into their shoes you can understand their objections.
When you understand this you can think about how you can adjust or adapt what you propose or present it in such a way that the other person can understand, from their point of view what you propose and how this will affect them, if at all.
The ideal situation is when you can do this and in so doing enable the changes you propose to be a 'win-win' result for everyone affected by what you want to do.
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