The Year Twenty-Eleven

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The longest of years.
The shortest of years.
A year filled with exhilaration.
A year filled with utter desolation.
We heard the cries of babes And the final sigh of desperate souls.
It was the year of movements.
The occupy movement.
Moving and shaking everything in Society Holding captive our collective conscience.
Going in every direction, Appealing to the high and Low, Changing the lingua Franca through the occupation.
We were introduced to 'easing', Quantitative easing to be exact.
Easing away the pain with more Of everything you can imagine At the every end, the pain still remains.
Hurricanes were ever-present.
'Irene' left a mark on so many.
Earthquakes leveled years of labor, Flattened all, as far as the eyes could see.
Floods bellowed and swallowed Entire towns and villages.
Streets are now rivers for canoes and tug-boats.
It was a year of 'NO' No matter what passed through Congress, It was always a predictable 'No'.
How could it be 'No', When so many Yearned for a simple 'Yes' to survive? The embers of recession fanned Through the United States, Across the Atlantic to Europe.
Bringing pain to the 'PIGS' Hurting the very people who still Wonder who gave a bad check, Selling them into a band of slavery.
So many Homeless, So many.
So many Hungry, So many.
So many Jobless, So many.
So many Hopeless, So many.
A year that oversaw the falling of dictators They once held sway over a defenceless populace, Lashing out decrees with reckless abandon.
Jailing and maiming any that dared speak.
They soon discovered, it was a house of cards, Crumbling at the behest of the rising of the oppressed.
From Egypt to Tunisia and on to Syria, There is no stopping the train of Freedom.
'Fukishima' was a reminder to take heed, We are the guardians of knowledge of life and death.
It hangs in the balance and we tip the scale.
We have the capacity to do good, We should.
It lifts our spirit higher than our dreams.
The earth is fragile and we are the custodians.
Despite it all, we trudge along.
Carrying the weights and burdens, Sacrificing our very existence, Speaking in silence, Crying through the Laughter, Giving through the Lack.
Through it all, we remain.
By his grace, we maintain.
By his Love, we are sustained.
By Faith, we welcome the New Year.
Away with the Old and longing for the New.
Happy new year to you Indeed! (c) 2011 Muyiwa Babalola.
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