Party Planning Checklist - The Stress, The Work, The Planning Revealed!

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What every party planner should have is a party planning checklist.
Organizing a party usually involves stress because of unorganized and hectic schedules.
A successful party means that everything is under control from the venue, guest invites, food and drink up to the entertainment.
A planner should have a checklist as early as few weeks away from the party date.
This is to give time allowance just in case there will be adjustments on the scheduling of tasks.
Most checklist starts from 4 weeks before the date of the party.
4 Weeks before the party
  • Set the party date and venue.
    (Most of the parties are done during weekends because of the availability of the guests.
  • Prepare the right music and decorations that will be used for designing the venue.
    (If the celebrant wants a cartoon-inspired party theme, there are several party packages found in malls.
    Adults may rent decorations according to their choice.
  • Make the guest list.
    (Make sure that they will confirm on their invite to prevent unorganized party list and gate crashers.
  • List the possible menu.
    (Create a list of foods and drinks that will be served on the party.
    It is better to have different choices of foods and drinks in order to accommodate guest of any age.
3 Weeks before the party
  • Send the invitations to the guests.
    It is also recommended to request the guest to RSVP.
  • Decide on what games to play during the party.
    (It is best to have extra games prepared just in case there is still extra time before the party is over.
  • Prepare the party souvenirs or loot bags.
2 Weeks before the party
  • Come up with a list of music that will be played during the party.
    (If it is a children's party, songs with happy beat are recommended.
  • Start to buy the things needed for the party such as disposable utensils, balloons, garbage bags.
1 Week before the party
  • Prepare the cake for the celebration.
    (In case you are not baking your own, you may order at the bake shop near you.
  • It also best recommended preparing the foods that can be made in advance such as desserts.
  • Finalize the schedule of activities for the party.
  • You may also confirm the attendance of your guests to give you a rough estimation of the number of guests that will come.
2 or 3 days before the party
  • Start with the party decorations.
  • Finalize all the important tasks for the party such as the number of guests, menu, music and activities.
Day before the party
  • If you ordered some party things, pick them up from the shop.
  • Make sure every party details are done and organized.
  • Recharge the batteries of your camera or video cameras.
  • Relax.
    It is important to be energetic and lively during the party.
Planning a party may be a time demanding but if you know how to handle your time well, everything will go smoothly.
A party is meant for celebrating an event.
Capture candid shots, enjoy the music, join the games and laugh.
Keep in mind that having a good time once in a while is beneficial for you.
Remember to always have your party planner checklist by your side to keep yourself noted of what to do next.
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