How to Induce Lucid Dreams

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For those wondering how to lucid dream, there are a few great ways to learn quickly and effectively.
As with all skills in life, it requires some practice and effort, but once mastered is well worth the work that went into it.
The best plans for beginners are those that take all the knowledge surrounding lucid dreaming and distill them into something simple.
The preparation for dreaming is vital to success for an aspiring dreamer.
Among these techniques affirmations, dream journals, and self education stand out as the best techniques for attaining mastery at dreaming.
Affirmations are beliefs that a dreamer will carry into a dream.
They are sentences a dreamer will write out about a particle dream he or she would like to have or a belief about abilities within a dream.
A sample affirmation would be, "I have the ability to fly above the clouds in any dream I choose.
" I have not seen this technique repeated throughout the culture, and is a powerful technique I have adapted from NLP.
A dream journal is a little notebook a dreamer should keep within arm's reach to write down dreams in a vivid detail as possible.
These books enhance recall and understanding of our own personal styles.
Self education requires reading the literature that is available and drawing from the wealth of knowledge to improve your own experience.
Supplementation is another great tool for those learning how to lucid dream.
Many natural herbs have been used throughout history by monks and tribal leaders to have powerful and profound dreams.
These supplements help to create incredible complexity and detail and have been responsible for many of the most memorable dreams in my life.
The three dreaming methods that best facilitate dreaming are the following: the Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dream (MILD), Wake Induce Lucid Dream (WILD), and the Wake Back to Bed method.
The MILD involves repeating affirmations to oneself immediately before sleep.
This is a very simple technique and should be the first the first method for anyone learning how to lucid dream.
The WILD is the most potent method to but requires a deal of experience and patience.
It is achieved through meditation and the conscious creation of the dream world you wish to step into.
The Wake Back to Bed method is a complement to either of the previous methods and simply involves waking up when your REM cycle is best optimized for a dream and then inducing a lucid dream.
Learning how to lucid dream with any precision is not any easy thing to do.
It requires perseverance and discipline.
My best advice is to have an effective program, supplement wisely, and educate yourself as best you can.
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