Trying to Get Your Guy Back? Use Your Head Instead of the Heart

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You fell in love because you listened to your heart.
However to get your guy back, in case he has walked out, you need to use your head.
Unless you leave out your emotions, you can never get your guy back.
Do you remember how and why your guy got attracted to you in the first place? He fell for you, because you were at your best then.
Why not try to get him back being the same person that you were? However here are some pointers to set you thinking as to how you can get your guy back: •Develop a positive mindset.
You are what you think yourself to be.
If you are positive that you can get your guy back, you can achieve your goal.
Just remember to get back your old self.
•The only way you can make your guy miss you is not to chase him.
Give him the space required at this stage.
Let him wonder what you are up to and how you are coping with the loss.
This is one short cut to get him back.
•Use this time of separation to do some positive things to yourself - like getting back to shape, change your wardrobe and look healthy and happy.
Make sure that the improvements that you do to yourself shows on your face and body.
•Be available socially.
Catch up with old friends, make new ones.
Once you meet people you not only feel rejuvenated but you might start seeing things in completely different perspectives.
• Never be a hurry to get your guy back.
Rushing through such things never work out ultimately.
Be patient and if there was and is true love between the two of you, you are surely going to get your guy back.
There is no doubt about it.
When you see and do positive things you not only become a better person but you are also working towards getting your ex back.
There is hardly any point in losing your confidence and self-esteem just because your guy has left you and you are spending time and energy to get him back.
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