R11s Driver Is Better Than R11 Driver Or Not

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The Taylormade R11 Driver is well know by the adjustable feature. The R11S Driver gain this feature as well. Through the name of the two drivers the r11s driver may be the newer model from the previous r11 driver. The R series are always the typical playability golf clubs of TaylorMade. 
The TaylorMade R11 driver is longer than the original R11 and more tunable. The R11s driver is not completely different from the last year top popular TaylorMade R11, and there are actually have a few differences from some aspects. In the following passage, I will explain the differences between the R11s and R11 driver. This means a golfer can make multiple adjustments to the club in order to fit their swing. You have the ability to change the loft, flight path, and face angle by moving the five-sided ASP plate, the movable weights and the 1.5-degree FCT sleeve.
First, the 2011 R11 driver is made up of a 440-cc head with the classic white crown and blend with the black color. However, the R11S hits the USGA's maximum legal size, 460cc. The feel of the club is exceptional, like most of TaylorMade’s drivers, the R11S feels very comfortable in your hands. If you want a driver you can play with and make adjustments, then this is the driver for you. According to the TaylorMade designers say the R11s a little longer than the R11 with the bigger head combined with better aerodynamics. It is difficult to find too many things wrong with this driver other than the fact it has too many moving parts. However, it does hit better than the previous R11 model. 
Second, the sole of the 2011 R11 driver has a red adjustable plate that allowed golfers to choose from three face angles. While the R11S Driver has five settings: Neutral, Open, Closed, Slightly Open, and Slightly. The club definitely gives you more control over your shots. Golfers ready to move up to a game improvement driver or experienced golfers wanting more control over their driver will like the TaylorMade R11S.  The function is to hold the one- and the 10-gram weights that come with the driver. Positioning the 10-gram weight in the heel encourages a draw while screwing it into the toe should help you hit a fade. The white finish is what sticks out the best and it is easy to align on the ball upon address. 
Third, the adjustable sleeve of the new R11s driver that connects the shaft to the head can be set in a neutral, higher or lower setting. So R11s has the more adjustability than the last season XXIO MP-700 Driver. The club comes in three different lofts for right-handers at 9, 10.5, and 12. Left-handers are unable to get the 12 degrees of loft. The overall distance will not be what you expect and it will also take you a little longer to get used to this driver. 
Overall, both of the two drivers are of great help for improving your game. The better one is the most suitable for yourself.
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