How to Repair an HP DV6000 Power Cord

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    • 1). Plug your dv6000 power cable into an outlet and your computer. Squeeze firmly along the length of the wire until the power light on the adapter flickers on and off--this is where the short is located. Alternatively, bend the wire at various spots along the length of the wire; if there is a spot in the wire that bends more easily than the rest, this is where the short is.

    • 2). Unplug your power cable from the computer and power outlet. Use the wire cutters to strip about 1/2 inch or 1 inch off of the cable sheath where the short is located. Be sure to only cut the sheath and not the wires themselves.

    • 3). Twist the ends of the broken or frayed wires together tightly so that they are securely connected.

    • 4). Wrap the gap in the cord with a liberal amount of electrical tape. Your adapter should now work.

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