Effective Website Sales Funnels - Landing Page Expectations and Your Hard Media Campaign

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These days many network marketing companies produce a DVD, a nicely printed opportunity presentation or both.
They also encourage their members to get these materials into the hands of potentially interested people.
Why? For some combinations of opportunity and marketer these work very well.
Even if what you are offering does not already have these materials you might consider making them for yourself.
Either way, how will you know if it will be worth the expense and effort? There are many factors that go into the success of a hard media campaign but one of the big ones is simple and direct.
The video and the printed materials are, in the context of internet marketing, going to direct the interested person to a web page.
The hard media materials are going to have created an expectation of some kind in the person or they will not be visiting the web page.
That web page, also known as the landing page for your hard media campaign, either delivers on the expectations that were created or it does not.
A large part of the success of your hard media campaign depends on this matchup between created expectations and ability of the landing page to carry those same expectations to the next level.
Does the path created by the DVD video presentation and the printed materials of your offering lead to a front door that has the potential to successfully invite them to step inside your sales funnel? They will only step inside if the expectations they come to the door with can be found in the sign on that door.
Here is what you must do whether you get the materials from a network marketing opportunity company or make them yourself.
Watch that DVD.
Read those printed materials.
Do this many many times and take notes on the expectations created in you.
Ask others what expectations are created in them when they view these materials.
Fully understand what expectations those materials are creating.
Write them down and study all this until you know what that message is and who it is really going to speak to.
Now, go to the landing page on the internet those materials ask you to visit.
Does that first page match? Is it speaking to the same people about the same thing? Does it carry the expectations initially created forward to the next level? Will the audience these materials are really speaking to want to step inside the door? It is not particularly important if you personally would take that step with these materials and this landing page.
After all, you might not be in the group of people this combination is really addressing.
Since you have done the studying recommended above you will already know if you are in the group.
You will also know whether or not that group can be consistently identified throughout the materials and the landing page.
The important part is not whether or not you personally like it.
Will the real target audience like it and find it valuable and will it fulfill their expectations? Will the real target audience find that the expectations they came here with from watching the DVD are carried a little deeper? Now you know the message of the hard media materials matches the message taken a step further by the front door.
Now you know who these materials are really talking to.
It is now far more likely that it will be worth the effort and expense to use the materials...
if you put them into the hands of the same group or groups of people you identified in this process.
What do you do if you are working with a network marketing company and find the materials do not match the landing page? After all, they probably created both and you are probably just buying them from the company.
Stop! Until they get the match up correct or you make your own it will, in my opinion, be a great big waste of your resources.
Use other marketing channels until the matchup is achieved.
In the absence of agreement between the DVD, the printed materials and the landing page of your sales funnel the only result of your marketing efforts will be a reduction in the credibility of both you and the company you are trying to earn your living through.
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