The Specifications of the AMD Athlon II M300 2.0 GHz

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    • The Athlon II Mobile family supports older technology but is compatible with motherboards using AMD socket S1g3. These processors measure 1.38 by 1.38 inches in size and use a 638-pin micro Pin Grid Array. The Athlon II processors were produced in both 2009 and 2010. While the earlier models supported socket S1g3 motherboards, the 2010 versions were updated to the S1g4 socket. Because of this upgrade, systems using the M300 can't upgrade to the newer versions of this processor.


    • The M300 has a processor frequency rated at 2,000 megahertz. This speed rating is partly determined by the processor's clock multiplier rating of 10. The main data bus the M300 uses to transfer data to system components is a 16-bit hypertransport link rated at 1,600 MHz. This processor supports 64-bit processing and uses a 638-pin micro PGA package. The M300 and the other processors in the Athlon II Mobile family are dual-core models based on the Caspian processor core.

    Memory Controller

    • The M300 handles two basic types of memory including a pair of on-die data caches and an integrated memory controller. The memory controller directs the flow of data between the processor and system memory. The on-die memory controller of the M300 supports dual-channel memory using the DDR2 memory standard. Since the memory controller operates at 400 MHz it can only support system memory up to DDR2-800.

    Data Caches

    • The M300 supports two data caches designed to store processor and application data in memory banks located on the processor die. The Level 1 data cache consists of two pairs of 64KB memory caches. Each pair of caches is linked to one of the two processing cores with one pair dedicated to storing processor instructions and one pair dedicated to application data. The Level 2 cache consists of two slower caches that each provide 512KB of storage for application data.

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