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The growth witnessed by the telecommunications industry has been a consistent one.
Innovation has been a constant factor in this domain - and the successful implementation of one idea has led to the conceptualization and advantageous enforcement of another.
This trend has continued over the years - the fixed line phone has given way to third generation (3G) mobile phones and more recently to the VoIP call termination services.
The fact that IP telephony has been beneficial to both individual as well as corporate users cannot be over-emphasized.
A good amount of initial investment is necessary to start up a business in the IP telephony domain.
The existing providers of VoIP services have taken a note of this fact and have devised certain ways to overcome the same.
In this context, they are offering managed VoIP services to wholesalers and resellers.
A group or a conglomerate having a large base of clients in a specific geographical area and a team of efficient marketing people can take advantage of the managed partitioning services.
In VoIP technology, calls are routed over switches.
In this context it can be mentioned that the Nexttone switch is a reliable and stable VoIP switch currently widely used.
Parts of these switches are leased out to wholesalers and resellers.
These parties can then use the switches from VoIP service providers and dedicate the same to further their business interests.
The cost of 'renting' a switch, if such a term can be used, is affordable.
The resellers do not have to spend a penny on maintenance; all that is taken care of at the provider's end.
The capacity to terminate international calls using these switches makes them all the more invaluable to business users.
A business conglomerate wishing to diversify its interests to VoIP solutions [http://www.
com] and services can subscribe to the managed partitioning services and make the most of facilitating technology and current market trends.
Subscribing to managed VoIP services is definitely one of the ways that can be employed to stay ahead of competition.
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