A Spring Fling

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Springtime is coming once again. And this means spring fashion will soon be in full swing. It's the time when all girls come out of their winter cocoons and emerge as beautiful butterflies!

Spring fashion is all about being feminine and sophisticated, yet also bold and fierce. It's the time to be in full bloom, after all, with a refreshed style that breaks out of winter's drabber colors. This season, the color palette is bursting with brights and pastels. It's all about being youthful and fresh. The rejuvenating spirit of springtime reflects on the hottest hair accessories [] of the season.


Nothing says "blooming" more than lovely flowers. Florals have always been a fashion staple during spring. But with celebrities like Natalie Portman, Leighton Meester and Nicole Richie falling in love with ultra feminine flower head bands, floral hair accessories have become trendy all year round.

It's not hard to like florals. They are beautiful and graceful and can make any girl feel instantly dainty. But this doesn't mean that florals are only for "girly" girls. This spring, even the prettiest flower head bands come in wild colors! And the more daring gals can feel free to express their dazzling personalities.


Since springtime is all about life, the season's hair accessories come in a profusion of hot pinks, electrifying indigo, juicy orange and citrus green. Don't be afraid of a little splash of color, even when shopping for baby gifts (after all, the little ones like to be fashionable too!).

If you're bored with solid blocks of color, then go with patterns! Whether striped, abstract, floral or animal, hair accessories with unique patterns will spice up your style. Do remember, though, not to go overboard with patterns. Unless you want to be called a walking zoo! (And the folks at PETA to run after you...)

Now, if you're somewhere in between (not too shy but not too bold), then you can go for head bands in metallic colors. Shiny and shimmery but not over the top, these can add flair to your style in a sophisticated, subdued way.


Break out of your shell and be a little more daring! Among the biggest trends in hair accessories to break out this year are giga-normous hair bows, as seen on the runways of Marc Jacobs and fashion-forward celebrities like Lady Gaga.

Over-sized and demanding attention, these hair bows are a perfect mix of cutesy and quirky. If those words describe you, then make these hair accessories a part of your look this spring.


Here's another show-stopper: feather headbands. It's a throwback to the flapper fashion of the roaring 20s, but this time with a lot more play on color. So you can show off some playful flamboyance while still being prim and pretty.

Nothing spells spring quite like hair accessories that are abloom with riotous colors! It has been said that spring is the seductress of life, inspiring you to be wild, free and spontaneous. And now it's here. We say, "Go ahead. Give in to temptation!"
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