How to Make Acrylic Paint Dry Faster

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    • 1). Hang your painting on a magnetic surface located near a power outlet. Use magnets to affix the painting to the surface. The magnets will keep the corners of the painting from curling upwards. If corners curl upwards, this may cause the acrylic paint to crack in spots.

    • 2). Plug a blow-dryer or fan into the power outlet and face the appliance toward the painting. Be sure to hold the dryer at least three to four inches away from the painting as not to blow it away or get close to the magnets.

    • 3). Turn the blow-dryer onto the coolest setting and use it on a low power setting. If you use a medium to high setting on the blow-dryer, you run the risk over-drying your paint, causing it to crack, or worse, burn the canvas. Move the blow-dryer back and forth slowly across the image to dry the paint. The magnets could damage your appliance. Blow-dry for five to 10 minutes.

      If you choose to use a fan, set it to the lowest setting possible and let it blow on the image for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

    Non-Canvas or Paper Surfaces

    • 1). Place the object on a flat surface so it is stable during the drying process. Make sure the object is in an open area so it does not topple over on another object, marring the painted object.

    • 2). Plug a blow-dryer into an outlet. Hold the blow-dryer at least four inches away from the acrylic-painted object. By holding the blow-dryer at a distance, you are making sure the object does not move or fall during the drying process.

    • 3). Turn the blow-dryer to a medium setting and move the dryer in a circular motion over the painted object. For objects, you want a higher setting because the acrylic paint will adhere to the surface better.

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