Advanced Email Secrets - Keys To Opt In Mail Success

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Email marketing can really be challenging.
I am sure that you must have heard many times before that the money is in the list from many of the top internet marketers.
I remember nearly giving up.
I had built a decent size list only to find out that I could not monetize it.
In this article I would like to share with you some insights that will hopefully help you with your email campaigns.
It is very important that you choose a profitable niche market.
Even if you have a winning autoresponder sequence without targeted hungry buyers you are going to struggle to make money from email.
This was a valuable lesson that I learnt.
I often chose markets that were not that profitable.
You need to have a certain amount of subscribers to start seeing results.
This was one of the big myths that I had to find out by myself.
Email marketing is not like ppc.
For example if you have 400 subscribers then only fifteen to twenty five percent of people will actually open your email.
Of this amount only ten to twenty percent will actually click on your link.
These are very important statistics.
So before you actually start seeing results you need to have at least 400 subscribers.
To maximize the responsiveness of your email list you need to send a variety of emails.
I would much rather have a list of 1000 responsive emails than a list of 500,000 subscribers where nobody buys.
Send promotional emails, newsletters, articles, feedback emails and surprise gifts.
Always remember to keep your subscriber on their toes.
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