Planting Trees - 3 Advantages To A Greener Garden

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Planting trees in your garden isn't just about making it look prettier, although with some good landscaping it does that and more.
There are several more advantages to planting trees, which cover just about all the shades of green, from making your neighbours green with envy, to greening up the planet! 1.
Green the planet
Most of us know that planting trees is a good way to offset our carbon footprint.
At its most basic level, we breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide.
Trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen.
They are ensuring that the air we breathe stays fresh.
On a larger scale trees take in and store carbon, from pollution, industry, driving and so on, that would otherwise be released in to the atmosphere, so slowing down global warming.
Trees are essential to our future and the more trees around us the cleaner the air we breathe.
Green your home
As well as cleaning the air, trees play a vital role in temperature control, water management and soil stability.
Trees planted to the east or west of your house will shelter the house from winter winds, meaning you need to use less energy to heat your home.
In summer they will shade the house and release water particles into the air as they transpire, cooling the air around your home and resulting in lower energy bills for air-conditioning to cool your home.
The roots of the trees reach out and hold the soil of your garden, preventing erosion.
Fallen leaves will enrich the soil over the years and provide plenty of free mulch for your garden.
Indigenous trees will also attract birds and wildlife to your garden.
The green stuff - return on investment
Planting trees around your home adds to its value, making it more attractive to prospective buyers and often being more important to house value than modernising a kitchen or refurbishing a bathroom.
If you are planning on selling your home in the near future and have an un-landscaped yard, planting large trees appropriately could make a big difference to the sale price and to how quickly you find a buyer.
The size of trees to plant Small trees are more affordable to purchase and are often easier to care for, as they should adapt quite quickly to their new position, as long as you have chosen a tree type that will suit your soil and climate.
Small trees however will take several years to make an impact on your yard landscape and will absorb less carbon from the air than large trees.
However it can be very satisfying to watch them grow over the years, as long as you have the patience! Large trees can be bought from specialist growers, for those who need instant impact or just can't wait to see the results.
Large trees are more expensive to purchase and, depending on their size may need a specialist to advise on the planting requirements.
Large mature trees can be purchased, when you are after a dramatic landscape effect, but these will definitely require a specialist tree service to plant, plus access for digging and hoisting machinery to set the tree in its new position.
All large trees need appropriate watering and care in their first few years until they have established new root systems.
Whatever your reasons for planting trees, do your research first and make sure you are planting trees that are appropriate to your local area and to your climate.
Indigenous trees are usually the best.
If in doubt, consult your local tree nursery for advice.
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