How to Make a Wire Horse Fence

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    Making a Wire Horse Fence

    • 1). Mark the corner posts with stakes. Make sure all four corners and any gates are clearly marked with stakes before beginning. Measure the distances you plan on using for gates and mark these as well.

    • 2). Dig holes three feet deep for your corner posts using your post-hole digger or auger. Set your corner posts in the holes and mix in concrete. Allow these to set for 72 hours minimum.

    • 3). Secure one end of your wire to the bottom of the corner posts, about six inches from the ground. Run this wire all the way to the opposite corner post and tighten. You want it taut but not as tight as it will be when done.

    • 4). Using the ground wire as a guide-line, drive your t-posts into the ground from corner post to corner post. Make sure you space them evenly.

    • 5). Repeat tying wire lines from corner post to corner post along your fence line, until you have the desired number of wire strands for your fence. A minimum of three wires is suggested for barbed or smooth wire and a minimum of five feet in height is recommended for mesh fencing.

    • 6). Tighten the fence using your fencing tool (for barbed or smooth wire) or your fence stretcher (for mesh wire) until it is high tension once all your fence lines have been attached. These tools differ in how they are used, but the purpose is the same--to strain the wire until it is taut. The fencing tool twists the wire until it is tight. The stretcher pulls the mesh wire tight. Make sure the fence lines are tight up against your t-posts and all on the same side.

    • 7). Clip the wires to the T-posts using your fencing tool and fence clips. Make sure the clips hold the wire right up against the T-posts, which will keep the line from moving up and down on the post. Install any gates and you are ready to turn out your horses.

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