Starcraft 2 Strategies for Beginners

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The new Starcraft 2 game has been out for a little while and has already sparked competition everywhere.
Just recently there was a Starcraft 2 tournament happening at BlizzCon 2010.
So as a beginner you might want to learn how to beat your opponents with ease.
It is not that hard once you get a feel for what is going on.
I am going to explain a few important strategies you must get down.
These are not for a specific race.
You should only pick one race you feel comfortable enough to work with.
Focus on mastering that one race whether it be Protoss, Zerg, or Terran.
Do not believe the myths that the races are imbalanced because Blizzard has done many tests and studies to make sure the game is fair.
OK so first of all lets talk about building your economy.
It is very important to build a strong economy during each game.
Getting minerals fast is important.
You always want to be beating your opponent so harassing their workers while you keep your workers protected is important.
I always like to follow a few guidelines when I game.
The first one is to constantly by training workers.
Do this until your resources at your current base are completely saturated.
This means you have 24 workers (a full screen) harvesting the minerals.
That is 3 per mineral field.
Then 3 workers per gas so a total of 30 workers is ideal.
Right before you reach this point it would be a great idea to start building an expansion.
Expanding varies from race to race.
With Zerg it is different since they work best when they grow fast.
Also their hatchery only costs 300 minerals while a command center and a nexus cost 400 minerals.
Each race has their own economic advantage.
Terran players should always upgrade to an orbital command once they have around 15 SCVs out.
Then use all the energy on mules which are temporary but they are more efficient than SCVs and gather around 300 minerals in their life span.
Zerg has the extractor trick which will give you an extra two drones to harvest early on.
Be sure to look that up.
Also they can spawn multiple drones at a time with the larva.
Protoss players do not have to lose a probe or have them occupied when warping in buildings like the other two races.
So be sure to build the structure and then send the probe right back into your mineral line or scout.
Also Protoss players should use chrono boost to warp in probes faster early on.
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