Dr. Kevin Lam Reviews : 6 Things The Podiatrist Will Never Tell You

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Podiatrists are also known as chiropodist who can help you with common foot problems, including ingrown toenails and bunions. People normally consult a podiatrist in order to get cutting edge solution regarding their foot and ankle problem. They can also help you by giving you and your family advice on how to take care of your feet and what types of shoes you need to wear.

They generally provide treatment solutions for common foot conditions such as thickened, fungal, ingrown toenails, corns and calluses, verrucas, athlete"s foot, smelly feet, flat feet, bunions etc. A good podiatrist is always able to provide as much information as you want. However, there is something that your podiatrist won"t tell you.

6 things you will never know from your podiatrist:

Always measure your shoes when you go into a shoe store:

There is a tendency among the people to use same-size shoe for years because they don"t measure their shoe size anymore. However, you must know that your feet often get bigger as you grow. Wearing small-size shoe often causes fatal foot disorders such as ingrown nails. Therefore, you always need to wear shoes according to your exact foot size.

Prevent your feet from producing smell:

It is sure that you use antiperspirant on the underarms to preventing them from getting stinky. You can use the same stuff for your feet too. Your foot also needs to be protected from bad smelling. You can try spray so that your feet don"t smell. Try to alternate your pair of shoes so they get the chance to dry completely. Always use socks otherwise the sweat will promote the growth of bacteria that will stay in your shoes which ultimately will result in foot disorders like bacterial feet and fungal.

Be aware of the infections from nail salons:

In most of the cases the foot disorders come from the infections from nail salons. You should always be aware of the fact. Go for a pedicure in a salon at the first appointment of the day, the equipment remains cleaner at that time. The ordinary foot baths may be germy can result to serious foot infections. Although there are technicians in the salon who spray the basin, many of the tubs have drains as well as filters that don"t get cleaned properly.

Try out toe separators, bunion splints, and Yoga Toes:

Using toe separators, bunion splints, and yoga toes may help you feel better in avoiding different foot conditions. At the same time it is also true that they are not going to help you in getting rid of the hammertoes and bunions.

Try lotion for dry, cracked feet:

If you have problems regarding dry and cracked foot then the best option would be to use lotion. It can be an over-the-counter lotion, but it can really be helpful as well as effective. This will help you get rid of calluses and keep yourself from getting infections as it prevents cracking.

Amputate your toe if your bunion is really bad:

You should start taking care of your bunion from now. If you wait until they get really bad, they will become much harder to fix them. You need to take preventive measures from the very first moment when you first notice bunion in your feet.
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