Horse Training - Horse Training Rules to Live By

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I was looking through an old horse book of mine recently and found some horse training maxims I thought you'd enjoy.
Plus, they make it clear how to treat a horse which helps you learn to work with horses.
Check these out: "If they throw up their heads and act timidly, look after your stableman.
Such acts speak louder than words.
" What does this mean? It means whoever is taking care of your horse is likely mistreating him.
Your stableman may claim he's good and fair to the horse but your horse doesn't lie.
He wouldn't know how.
He's simply reacting in a way he's learned to react due to how he's been treated.
"Always speak to a horse as you would a gentleman.
" Why does this matter? Because a horse, like you and I, doesn't like to be talked to in a manner that sounds harsh or hateful.
Just because a horse is a horse doesn't' mean he doesn't understand that tone.
In fact, horses are extra sensitive to it.
I once had a friend tell me, "talk to your horse like you would your best friend or wife or girl friend.
" That made a huge impact and I've never forgotten it.
Plus, it's made training equines a lot easier.
"The three greatest enemies of the horse are idleness, fat, and an ignorant blacksmith.
" The ignorant blacksmith is the farrier who smacks the horse with the file when he moves - he just made the horse worse.
Get a new farrier.
"If you must put frosty bits in some mouths, let it be your own.
Suffering begets sympathy.
" Stick the bit under your arm pit for a minute to warm it up so it doesn't hurt your horse.
Lastly (also my favorite)...
"Be gentle, be kind, be patient.
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