Two or 3-Dimensional Art Activities for Preschoolers

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    Pasta Art

    • With the different shapes and sizes of pasta, art no longer has to be macaroni.macaroni image by Yuri Davidov from

      Creating pasta art is still a fun project for preschool age children, and doesn't have to always consist of just elbow macaroni. Gather uncooked hard pastas in many shapes, from large, to curvy, to very small risotto-style pastas. Provide children with colored cardboard cutouts of fun shapes like hearts, circles or rectangles. If it's near a holiday, you can use shapes to fit the holiday, like a shamrock for St. Patrick's Day. With just a little glue and the hard pasta, children can glue all types of pasta onto their shapes, creating their own art. When the glue is dry, you can have the children paint their creations, or add glitter to them.

    Tape Art

    • Using tape in art for preschool children can be fun and produce beautiful art.Sticky tape image by lefebvre_jonathan from

      Tape art can be fun for children and actually look like sophisticated abstract art when completed. With blue painter's tape or an easy-to-remove drafting-style tape, along with thick white paper, children can create layered paintings. Have your child place about five strips of tape in any direction down on the paper. Then, he can paint the entire paper in whatever colors he wants, running the brush over the tape. He can either take the tape off after the first layer, leaving clean white strips, or he can build more layers of tape over the colors and paint again. Once all the tape has been layered, painted, and eventually peeled off, your preschool child will have a piece of art with layers of color worthy of framing.

    Color Collage

    • Art projects can be helpful in teaching preschool students about color.color image by Georgios Kollidas from

      If you're working with preschool age children on learning primary colors, a color collage can help children to focus on the particular color being used. Cut out construction paper shapes in the primary colors you are teaching. Give each child paint in one of those colors, and instruct children to paint an entire sheet of paper in that color. Then, tell the preschool children to take shapes of the same color, and press them into the still-wet paint. Each child will have a collage all in one color when the project is completed.

    Sponge Painting

    • Sponges can be a great way to teach children to paint with texture.sponge blue image by robert mobley from

      Gather sponges with several textures---sea sponges are ideal---along with paint, paper and paper towels. Show the child that she can make different textures on paper by lightly dipping the sponge in paint, blotting it on a paper towel, then pressing it gently on paper. Let her experiment with different textures. On one paper, she might just use the sponge to make grass, or sky, and then paint the rest of the picture with a brush. Or, she can use the sponges to create a design all over the paper.

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