How to Care for Laminated Hardwood Floors

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    How to Care for Laminated Hardwood Floors

    • 1). Dry mopping, sweeping or vacuuming should be performed on a regular basis to remove sand and dirt due to regular foot traffic. This type of debris can lead to scratches in the flooring and can wear off its finish over time. Place a rug or mat at the entry point to remove excess dirt and sand. In homes, taking off your shoes before walking on the floor will help your flooring last for years.

    • 2). When cleaning a laminated floor avoid wet mopping, soaps and abrasive cleaners. There are several types of products specially formulated for laminate flooring that are readily available. Most commercial cleaners are of the spray-on variety, and are used by simply spraying on to a soft cloth or dry mop. Most flooring manufacturers sell their own brand of cleaner but generic types are also suitable. Check with your flooring manufacturer to be sure that your warranty will not be invalidated by using a generic cleaner.

    • 3). Under daily use, most furniture items will move slightly which can ultimately damage floors. Over time this movement can cause the protective coating on your floor to wear through, creating an expensive repair or the need for replacement. Felt protector pads under the feet of furniture is recommended to keep damage to a minimum. Dragging heavy furniture items can result in gouges or deep scratches that are not easily removed. Always lift any heavy furniture item completely off the floor before moving it.

    • 4). Place an area rug in a room with heavy traffic will reduce wear areas or "lanes." Clean up wet spills immediately to prevent excess moisture that can ruin laminate flooring by causing too much expansion and contraction of the floor, which in time may cause buckling or gaps between the planks. Add a humidifier to homes or businesses located in high humidity areas as a preventative measure.

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