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Can I really use hydro energy to power my home? There are really very few people who would be able to take advantage of hydropower in their homes.
A small stream simply isn't going to be big enough to power even a micro hydro energy system but if you happen to be one of the very lucky few who have a reasonable size stream or waterway of any sort running through your land then hydro power is an excellent form of power and you should consider looking into it.
It has one big advantage over any other sort of renewable energy you may be considering for your home.
It will create power 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The wind may stop blowing and the sun might stop shining but the water will always keep flowing.
You can get hold of micro hydro turbines that will work with as little as 2 feet of water drop but still may provide you with enough power for the whole year.
Cover all your bases with wind and solar.
Combining this with a turbine and solar energy and you could probably power your neighbor's houses too.
Get a grid tie system which will enable you to buy energy from the grid and sell it back to the grid as well; you could be making a small profit as well as becoming completely energy self sufficient and doing your bit to beat global warming.
Finding a hydropower solution for your home.
There are fewer companies that deal with selling and fitting hydropower units simply because there is much less demand for it, but shop around you will be able to find one eventually.
Find solar and wind energy companies and ask them if they do micro hydro generators as well; even if they don't supply them themselves they may be able to put you in touch with a company who does.
Calculate the drop you could get from the water as well as the average water flow so you can give them your measurements and they will be able to tell you what system is required and if it's a viable solution, and if you find the right company they will probably come out and work that out for you.
Canyon Industries.
Canyon Industries Inc are manufacturers of micro hydro generators and are worth considering if you are serious about hydropower.
You can visit their site at http://www.
and contact them for further information as well as for guidance on your waterflow.
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