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A surefire way to prevent a slim dog from becoming a fat dog, is to make him work for a living.
Earning his keep should ensure a slimline, svelte figure.
Working dogs are active dogs and don't have time to pile on the kilos and become couch potatoes.
Not only that, the average young, healthy dog thoroughly enjoys working for his master.
Working dogs represent several breeds.
Sledge Dogs and Herders The Husky and the Samoyed - both of which come from Siberia - are sledge dogs, and they also herd reindeer.
Huskies are strong enough to pull twice their own weight.
They are harnessed in teams of six or 12 and their guides are known as 'mushers' Collies are great at herding both cattle and sheep.
These dogs need lots of exercise.
They can get very bored and become mischievous if kept purely as household pets.
The Welsh Corgi's original function was also to herd sheep, but is now better known as a pet.
Queen Elizabeth II loves the breed and always keeps several as pets.
Hunting, Shooting and Sniffing The German Shepherd (Alsatian) is known as a guard dog throughout Europe and is the most popular police dog in the UK.
Another important duty for this breed is acting as guide dogs for the blind.
The gentle Labrador is also a popular choice for guiding blind people.
Bloodhounds, Beagles, Bassets, Greyhounds, Whippets, Daschunds, Spaniels and even Terriers can all be trained as working dogs, although terriers do tend to be distracted by rabbits and rats.
Bloodhounds have huge ears and droopy lips.
They have a wonderful nose and are great at locating lost people and criminals.
They are therefore ideal as hunting and sporting dogs.
Beagles and Bassets Beagles and Basset Hounds are excellent dogs for hunting out rabbits and hares.
Foxhounds (as the name suggests) are popular with fox hunters.
Greyhounds (and their Russian counterparts - the Borzoi) follow their prey by sight.
In the English Midlands the Whippet is often used for racing.
The Dachshund (or sausage dog) is another breed that enjoys a spot of hunting.
So Many Spaniels Spaniels often accompany hunters because of their ability to run around, picking up birds which have been shot down.
Spaniels come in various forms: English Springer, Sussex, Welsh, Cavalier King Charles, Cocker, Water, Clumber.
Some people maintain the name Spaniel arose because these dogs originally came from Spain, but no-one can prove that as a fact.
Hunters of small game often find the Retriever, Setter and Pointer easier to manage and faster than the large dogs.
The most well-known type of retriever is the Labrador (black, yellow, chocolate).
The long-haired Retriever is usually golden, but occasionally a black one can be found.
English and Irish Setters are seldom kept as workers.
They're so beautiful, they usually live as pets.
Fashion-conscious women enjoy being seen strutting their stuff alongside a golden-haired Setter.
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