Getting Your Ex Back - Is it Possible to Forget and Forgive an Affair?

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The betrayal in a relationship always involve an enormous amount of emotional pain for the cheated partner.
Some decide to kick the cheater out immediately others chose to give them another chance.
Is it really worth to try to get your ex back if you found yourself in such situation? Is getting your ex back a good idea in such circumstances? There is no unequivocal answer to this question as the infidelity is a very hard issue to deal with in a relationship.
Some can recover from it, others fail at doing it.
There are a few things you have to take into consideration before you decide if you want to try to get your ex back in a such scenario.
The most important one is if you can deal with emotional pain of it.
What is a point of getting your ex back if it is going to be source of constant hurt for you? For most women dealing with an emotional aspect of the betrayal is the most difficult to handle.
For men, it is almost always the physical one.
The mental images of a wife or girlfriend with another man usually hunt them for years or even decades.
They never go away.
The sad truth is that for most cheated lovers and spouses it is simply impossible to completely forget and forgive.
But many of them chose to accept it and to live with it.
And many of these relationships still work quite well.
If you decide that you would like to try to get your ex back after you have been cheated on you must keep one thing in mind.
You had no control over what your lover or spouse has done.
It is not a reflection of you and your worth as a person.
As hard as it is, you must not allow yourself to think that her or his cheating says anything about you.
It is a reflection of her or him and it illustrate how week the moral boundaries of your ex are.
It is a clear indication that a moral compass of your ex might not be working properly.
Should you try to get your ex back after you have been cheated on by her or him? To find an answer to this question you have to ask yourself a few other questions and answer them truthfully.
Has your ex expressed any genuine remorse or regret after seeing your pain? If yes, is she or he willing to go to counseling with you? Is your ex doing everything possible to instill the trust in your relationship again? Be honest with yourself answering these questions as it is the only way to finding out if getting your ex back makes any sense in your case.
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