Types of Charcoal Grills

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    Kettle Style

    • The round kettle charcoal grill continues to be a favorite. Kettle styles have a domed lid that allows for grilling large portions of meat. This tight-fitting lid keeps the heat in; plus the lids have vents above and below to control the temperature and airflow.


    • Although a Japanese word used widely in Japan, the hibachi originated in China, used by the elite as a portable charcoal heater. The word "hibachi" means fire bowl in Japanese, originally made of a wooden bowl lined with baked clay. The Chinese were the first to place a grill on top of the bowl and use the hibachi to heat and cook food. Modern hibachis have not changed much except that you will find most hibachis made of metal and some decorative hibachis made of ceramic, which appear more like pieces of art. The hibachi looks simple, consisting of a small container with charcoal and covered by a grill. The ideal hibachi has an adjustable grill you can raise or lower. For regular use, purchase a cast iron hibachi since they will last for years.


    • You may prefer a tabletop charcoal grill when you want to grill small portions of meat, such as fish or chicken for two or when grilling for a small family. Because of its small size, tabletop grills make traveling convenient; plus you do not have to assemble the grill. Tabletop grills include a cover, which you can remove, and they come in round or rectangular shapes.

    Charcoal Grill With Gas Tanks

    • Another charcoal grill type has a small gas tank attached, smaller than a propane tank used for gas grills. This gas tank only supplies enough fuel to ignite the charcoal, and then shuts itself off. The grill makes it effortless to light charcoal.

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