Why You Should Not Expose Yourself to Black Molds

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High spore counts often make people feel like they have a bad cold or other infection.
Sometimes it is not easy to know if you have a cold or have been exposed to spores.
The reactions have a wide range of severity depending on the person and the amount of exposure.
When one is exposed to black mold the effects are easier to pin point.
Black mold bring with it bio- toxins.
These are not healthy for humans.
It is the nervous system that is affected by black mold.
Victims may become dizzy, become forgetful, suffer confusion, and have blurred vision.
This is different from normal spore exposure with its resemblance to a cold.
The spores themselves affect humans in the normal manner which is not unlike what allergy sufferers are used to during allergy season.
Anyone who has seasonal allergies knows how this feels Some believe that contact with black mold potentially can lead to death.
This may be true but no cases have been officially documented.
Scientists are still testing out this theory but the potential is there.
Black mold exposure results in extra symptoms because it makes types of mycotoxins.
These mycotoxins are known to have an adverse effect on human health.
The health of those who are susceptible to allergies or have compromised immune systems is particularly at risk.
Not all mycotoxins are classified as potentially harmful.
One famous mycotoxin is penicillin.
Penicillin saves hundred of thousands of human lives every year.
It is important to remember that the mycotoxins of black mold are not the same as the mycotoxin known as penicillin.
The first is harmful to humans while the latter is not.
It is important to remember that a human should not be exposed to any mycotoxin for too long.
This is true for any non-toxic molds as well as helpful mycotoxins like penicillin.
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