Different Signs of Pregnancy To Expect

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Getting pregnant is one of the most anticipated events for a woman.
This is a fruit of love from couples, and a stepping stone towards a big happy family.
It's not easy to tell if you're pregnant because some symptoms are similar to other health conditions.
Sometimes, it would take weeks before you experience the first pregnancy symptom.
But how can you tell that you're pregnant? What are the common signs of being pregnant? Below are some common and usual symptoms that you'll experience for mums-to-be.
Vomiting or Nausea The term "Morning Sickness" is a misnomer for pregnant women.
Pregnant women can feel this symptom anytime of the day but it happens worse in the morning, hence it was called "Morning Sickness".
In statistics, only half of women experience nausea during pregnancy.
It can begin as early as 4 weeks but it usually starts around 6 weeks of pregnancy.
The cause of this symptom is unknown.
It may be caused by hormone changes or lower blood sugar during early pregnancy.
This can be very tiring for mums if not properly managed.
Make sure you are aware of what are the ingredients of the food you are eating since most of pregnant women have heightened smell and easily vomit with certain foods they eat.
It is also advised by experts not to stand up right away upon waking up.
Give your body a time to relax before standing and eat a piece biscuit to lessen the possibility of nausea.
Breast Changes During the period of early pregnancy, you'll see a tremendous change in your body and it includes your breast.
Your breast gets a little bigger in preparation for birth and lactation.
One of the many changes in your body also includes the darkening of your areola.
(it is the circle around the nipple of the breast).
Mood Changes This is one of the many common changes that can happen to a woman when she is pregnant.
There are times that they easily get irritable and get tired right away.
The most common thing that could happen to a pregnant woman could be any of the following: • mood swings and depression.
• the nesting instinct - the urge to prepare home for their babies through cleaning or decorating It is duly unexplainable to science why such changes in mood happens but it is very important that you keep in contact socially so that you won't be succumb by your depression that much.
This change usually happens between the first and the third month These symptoms of pregnancy are usually common within the first trimester of the pregnancy period.
It is important that you are aware of those changes so that you will know what to do and not be surprised when you experience some of the symptoms that are new to you.
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