The Perfect Technology

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It's trust manifest in communal grace, the treasured being, divine embrace, a moment seeing - heaven as a space, that, for us, our heartfelt place.
Knowing congruence, lives lived true, appreciation, aplomb, without a moment blue, still there's a role, a depth downstairs, beside the warrant, special golden cares.
The perfect technology is nothing we brought to bear, only of itself it comes to light, never appointed snare, stilled the wonder, most prepared, eternally to dare, all who see it simply stand, pointing: "a heavenly lair.
" Wonder aloft beyond the spoils and trouble, gorgeous delight hastens at the double, seamless truth and majesty the drive to be aware, happens it of now, technology abounds in fanfare.
~*~*~*~*~*~ The perfect technology is the grace and the ways of God.
It's the wisdom way bound by truth - the only sort.
It is how life works out.
It is inevitability.
To think that we can go through life and never truly know this "heavenly" life is a tragic sadness.
Still, everyone's got an equal opportunity, but then again many are so horribly blinded by the masquerading of the prince of this world.
Perfect technology is the right answer to the problem - any problem; the place of literal and situational heaven.
It is also poetry in motion, the splendour of beauty the beholder simply loves immersing themselves in.
It's hope, peace and joy all rolled-in on themselves.
This "technology" is more alluring and mystical than the scientific and manufactured technology we're used to.
It's a spiritual technology as if there were such a thing.
But, the great thing of life is the concept of invention.
Here it is today, a technical concept, spiritualised.
And yet, it always was.
The perfect technology is home to congruence, alignment, truth and hence grace.
It is also our home - the use of it as our modus operandi, that is.
It is the process of blessing.
A mystical and abstract technology in a post-postmodern age; funny, it was God's idea in the first place.
I guess, then, it won't be so popular (to the masses)! © 2010 S.
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