Three Key Strategies to Achieve Your 2011 New Year"s Resolutions

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Are you ready to stop being part of the statistics? Are you saying, 2011 is the year that; I have Solutions vs New Year's Resolutions and I'm making my dreams a reality! Statistic show that most people make New Year's Resolutions and before the end of the first quarter they have forgotten or have become discourage to achieve what they set themselves to accomplish.
For a long time I asked myself.
What causes people to get discourage and not realize their aspirations? After some research I came to the conclusion that most people are motivated to readjust and improve their lifestyle yet motivation alone is not enough you need to be inspire to enhance your lifestyle.
When you are inspired, you make New Year's Solutions which means; you have recognized areas in your life that you want to change!You are no longer complacent because you are listening to your gut feeling that still yet whispering voice within you; saying; You Deserve, You are Worthy; go for it! You Take Action: Acknowledge: You identify the challenge Intentions: you become clear on what you want to accomplish Plan: You draw a step by step daily, weekly, monthly and yearly plan.
Meaning; all your actions are schedule in your calendar, because, if is not schedule; you know it would not happen.
Think about it, you must make your New Year's solution a practice just like any other routine you force yourself to be in.
A perfect example is; a job, a baby, a new relationship..
all these life events bring in a change in scheduling and routines.
Yet, you choose to Practice; Practice; Practice! Until, it becomes second nature to you.
So you already know you can do it; the real question is, are you committed to achieving the lifestyle you desire? Don't give up! You Deserve it, is in You! Remember, is about recognizing, planning, scheduling and taking consistent action until it becomes a habit that you must do because it is fun and rewarding to your body, mind and spirit.
Know that in order for your dreams to come true your Intentions and Actions must go hand in hand.
Next thing you know you are living, feeling and acting as you've always dreamed.
Last but not least, view your life as never ending journey.
See it as an everyday joyful experience where you are participating in the evolution of your soul and the most magnificent life experience as that is the reason why you are here.
You did not come to this planet earth just to survive.
Life is more than just survival close you eyes and witness it happening ahhhh!!!!!
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