How to Make a Clone With the New Windows Live Movie Maker

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    • 1). Record two videos of the same length. In one video you must stay on the left side of the camera shot, in the other video you must stay on the right side. Save the videos onto your computer.

    • 2). Launch Windows Live Movie Maker and click on the "Add Videos and Photos" button on the Home tab. Select the video where you are on the left. Once the video clip appears in the area on the right, click on the "Snapshot" button. Type "1L" for the name of the snapshot and then click "Save."

    • 3). Move the slider by 0.08 seconds and click the "Snapshot" button again. Name this file "2L" for the second left frame. Repeat this process, increasing by one the number of the snapshot, until you reach the end of the video. Repeat the process for the right video, but name the files "1R," "2R" and so on.

    • 4). Open your photo-editing software and open the 1L image. Crop it so that only the left side is showing. Import the 1R image and crop it so that only the right side is showing. Line up the images so that they are the same size as the original. Save as "1." Repeat this process for all the frames in the video.

    • 5). Select all of the objects in the right pane of Windows Live Movie Maker and press "Delete." Click on the "Add Videos and Photos" button again. Browse to the location of the combined frames. Select all of the combined frames and click "OK."

    • 6). Click on one of the frames in the pane on the right and then press "Ctrl+A" on your keyboard to select them all. Click on the "Video Tools: Edit" tab and type: "0.08" in the duration box and press "Enter."

    • 7). Click the "Add Music" button on the Home tab to add audio to your video file. Select an audio file on your computer and double-click it to open it. When you're done, click the "Save Movie" button on the far right of the Home tab. Choose the video settings you want and then type the name of your video file and click "Save."

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