How to Paint Bridal Flowers

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    • 1). Dry the flowers to preserve the color. Hang the entire bouquet in a warm, dark, dry place. Use a hanger and attach some dental floss or a fishing line to suspend the flowers in the air. Flowers will face downward if they are in the daisy family and upright if they are in the rose family. Leave the flowers suspended 2 to 3 weeks. An alternate method of drying is to place the flowers in sand for 2 to 3 weeks (see Resources).

    • 2). Remove the bouquet from the closet. Be careful not to touch the flowers. According to Make Stuff, "Handling dried flowers must be done carefully or they will fall apart." Continue to hold the flowers upside down. Take aerosol hair spray or acrylic spray and lightly spray all of the flowers in the bouquet. Let the bouquet dry overnight.

    • 3). Place newspaper between each individual colored flower, and use transparent tape to secure in place. You will not need the newspaper if you are spraying the bouquet all one color. Use the closest color floral spray you can find to match your bouquet. Keep in mind the longer you spray, the darker the color will get.

    • 4). Remove the newspaper and let the bouquet dry for 24 hours. The edges that the newspaper blocked will remain the original color of the floral arrangement. Take the glitter and highlight the bouquet on the greenery and the ribbons. Your bouquet is preserved and ready for display.

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