Network Marketing Tips: 3 Ways to Get Into the 3 Percent Club

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The network marketing industry has earned a not so desirable reputation for having a high turn-over.
Why? According to industry statistics, only 3 percent of the people who enter the industry ever make money.
That money can represent anything from enough to cover the initial financial investment, to making millions of dollars, and everything in between.
A sad statistic! What happens to the 97 percent? Within 90 days, they quit, because what appeared to be a "quick and easy" route to riches, turned out to be, "not so easy.
" Many of you reading this may relate to this situation.
I do, many times over I'm ashamed to admit.
I've been sucked into the "getting rich quickly," dream only to be disappointed, and mad at myself that yet again, I tried and failed.
Over the years, I've had this niggling thought in my head that I really need to find the answer, and to finally make something I try, work.
After endless reading of the winning strategies from the gurus, such as Randy Gage, Jay Kubassek, Cody Bateman, Mike Dillard, and many more, I realize that there are three keys that you need to claim entrance to the three percent club.
Here they are: 1.
Having the right mindset.
Being successful at network marketing or whatever home-based business you're involved in, requires the right mindset.
The right mindset is simply, a desire and vision to succeed.
This sounds simple enough, but is in reality, it's the toughest obstacle most people have to deal with.
As T.
Harv Eker explains in his book "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind," it's all about your money blueprint - your thoughts and relationship to money.
Do you feel worthy and deserving to be rich? Do you regard money and being rich, as sinful? Do you feel that money is hard to earn? Changing your mindset and affinity to money and being rich, is very deep rooted in your subconscious.
It's only when you take the time to really delve deeper into your thinking, become aware of what's holding you back, that you can start to do something about it.
What's your money blueprint? 2.
Treating the opportunity as a business.
Every multi-level marketing (MLM), direct sales or home-based business opportunity you invest in, is a business, and should be treated as such.
The downfall of so many is that they just do not regard it as such.
The numbers speak for themselves.
The fact that there's a 97 percent dropout rate within 90 days, is proof positive that something is wrong with the system.
Whether you're involved in, Pre-Paid Legal, Send Out Cards, ACN, Amway, Melaluca, and so on, you're investing in a business opportunity.
The company offers a terrific product or service, and it's your job to sell and market that to others.
Picking a niche, and then developing a strategy, be it online, face-to-face, over the phone, direct mail, advertising, and so on, will help set you on the right path.
What are you doing to treat your investment opportunity as a business? 3.
Seeking help.
Needing help, finding the right people to ask, and actually requesting help is often an obstacle many people face.
Once again this is a deep-routed problem.
People often feel that asking makes them look stupid.
They think they should know the answers.
However, seeking the right help could be the key that unlocks to door to the "magic kingdom" of riches.
One company that's dedicated to helping network marketers and home-based business owners succeed, is CarbonCopy PRO.
They've built simple yet extremely powerful programs that offer solutions to so many questions, challenges and concerns.
What are you doing to get the help you need? Getting into the 3 percent club will take work, but with the right mindset to treat your business seriously, and to ask for help whenever needed, will help you gain access quicker, and with less frustration.
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