How to Get Your Ex to Take You Back Even If They Seem Cold and Distant!

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In the aftermath of a breakup, you may notice that it is going to seem impossible to have an open discussion and really talk to your ex.
No doubt, you are being met with a lot of resistance to sit down and really talk things over.
In fact, you may notice that the harder you try, the more defiant they become.
But why are they acting so cold? This is something you are going to have to really think about if you are to ever have a chance at getting them back.
One thing you must consider is that they probably did a lot of agonizing back and forth before they came to this conclusion.
No doubt, it was not an easy decision because of the strong feeling they have for you.
Unfortunately, they chose to go ahead anyway because something more powerful was influencing their decision.
The end result is that you are going to have a tough time getting past their defenses - it is for their own self-preservation more than anything.
In the meantime, you are probably pulling out the stops and trying everything you can think of to get through to them and make them see sense.
What you should realize is that this direct approach may not be the best thing at this point.
They are suspicious of your actions and they are going to be countering your moves at every opportunity.
This means that you may have to change your approach because he/she will not be forced into doing anything they do not feel comfortable with.
Okay, so what should you be doing then? Well, you should actually be using a little psychology and beating them at their own game.
Start by ending all communication with your ex.
Develop an indifferent attitude.
Above all, never, ever let them see how emotional you are about the whole situation.
The goal here is to break the power they have over you and it is going to be virtually impossible if you let your emotions get in the way.
Yes, it is tough love, but it can be very effective.
What you are going to notice is that they will most likely lose some of that indifference you saw in the beginning.
They are likely to warm up a little and seem more open to discussing things.
In fact, there is a chance that at this point, they may even suggest giving it another go.
Taking the less obvious approach by using psychology should prove to be successful for you.
At this point, your ex may not even be aware of what just happened and how you managed to change the balance of power.
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