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If you want to make your home more safe, you should pay attention to all areas of your house. And for all home security issues, garage door security is more likely to be ignored. Many people install sophisticated home security systems without giving much thought to garage doors and their security. Of all your exterior doors, the garage door is likely to be the most vulnerable. People often forget to lock the door. It will be very easy for a burglar to enter your house. If the garage is connected to your house, this is a double security risk. Once inside your garage the burglar can work unseen on breaking the connecting door and enter your house. Nobody can see him when he is in your garage breaking your door, it is a good cover for him. In fact, many home burglaries are committed via a garage door left open or unlocked.
Even if you have a detached garage, it's important to consider this part of your home. You still do not want a burglar in your garage. Cars are some of our most costly possessions--and they're the easiest to drive away!--so you'll want to make sure yours is safe. Also, if you have tools in the garage, know that if a burglar gained access he could use them against you to get into the house (the homeowner's own ladders are often used by thieves to gain access to unlocked second story windows).
Look with the eyes of a burglar, how would you break in to your garage? Are the doors constructed out of a single sheet of metal or fiberglass? If so, it is possible a burglar could gain leverage and bend them enough to get inside, he could not easily do so with reinforced steel or solid core wood.
You should treat the connected door to your home as an exterior door. Make sure that it is fitted with a good deadbolt lock, is of solid construction and that the frame is strong and in good condition. The garage access door should be as secure as your front door.
It is all too easy to think that as you are only going to drive to the store, spend a few minutes there, and come right home again, it is not worth closing and locking your garage door. That is a big mistake! A burglar needs only a few minutes, even less. When you come back few minutes later, you may have been burgled. There is absolutely no difference between having the best garage door security and the poorest...So, always lock the door from your garage into your house.
If you often leave the door to your garage open simply because you forget to close it, think about installing a wireless garage door monitor. These are easy to install and will warn you that the door is open.
Garage door security is an important part of home security. Paying more attention to it will make your home more safe. If you want to get more information about home security, please visit
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