How to Plan a Hillbilly Wedding

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    How To Plan a Hillbilly Wedding

    • 1). Decide on the location. Any outdoor will venue will do. You could even reserve a barn for your hillbilly wedding. Make it as rustic and country as possible.

    • 2). Select your wedding dress. It can be a square dance-type dress with lots of netting to make it flair out. Gingham fabric can be found with several different shades of white for the bride who wants to add a more traditional look. You can always choose a “Daisy Mae-like” outfit of frayed shorts or faded jeans and a blouse tied in at your waist or higher, if you choose. High heels with bobby socks or old work books both would work well with the hillbilly theme. Going barefoot is also an option. Whatever you decide, don’t forget to wear the traditional blue garter for your groom to toss to all the Lil’ Abners invited to this hillbilly wedding.

    • 3). Pick your colors. Any color would be suitable for a hillbilly wedding. Keep in mind the colors commonly found in gingham checks such as red, yellow and blue.

    • 4). Select your bridesmaid and flower girl dresses. They, too, can wear the “Daisy Mae” dresses, shorts or faded jeans. Be sure to have their hair in dog ears, if long enough, as they walk down the aisle ahead of the bride. Don’t forget to have a piece of straw for them to have in their mouths as the stand up with the bride and groom.

    • 5). Select what the men in the wedding party will be wearing. No traditional suits in this wedding. Blue jeans or work overalls would flow with your hillbilly theme. Footwear could be work boots or nothing, depending on what the bridesmaid will be wearing.

    • 6). Decide on the types of flowers you want. Wildflowers is an excellent choice. Don’t forget to add hay to the bouquets. The ladies in the wedding would look great with their hair in dogs ears, held with pieces of twine and hay.

    • 7). Select your wedding cake. It can be adorned with fresh flowers and even hay. Opt for a pie, your favorite kind, instead of the traditional wedding cake. Either one can be decorated with denim fabric tied in bows. Many figurines with country theme can be substituted for the traditional wedding cake topper.

    • 8). Choose the type of decorations your want. Gingham checks and polka dots would go along with your theme nicely. Instead of having pews for your guests, provide blankets for them to use to sit on the floor or the ground. Hay bales would also make a wonderful place for your guest to sit. For a more traditional look, you could opt for aged lace to decorate your venue. Lots of fresh wildflowers strewn about would be lovely.

    • 9). Decide on the menu for the reception. A pot-luck picnic would add a sense of down home fun. If you are uncomfortable asking your guests to bring a side dish, be sure to serve lots of fried chicken, potatoes of any kind (depending on the time of year), corn on the cob and a kettle full of steaming grits. Don’t forget to have gallons of sweet tea and Cowboy coffee (extremely strong coffee) available to your guests. Have to food on long tables so the guests can serve themselves. Use paper plates or mismatched china with a few chips on the edges.

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      Decide on the entertainment. A hoe-down or square dance would be a great hillbilly touch. You could have your favorite “old-timey” country or blue grass music playing softly in the background. Perhaps you could find someone to yodel to entertain you and your guests.

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      Choose your transportation. A hay wagon pulled by horses would work well. You could also opt for the oldest, ricketiest pick-up truck available. Don’t forget to have the bride sitting in a rocking chair in the bed of that rusty truck to throw her bouquet to the single “Daisy Maes” wanting to land their Lil’ Abners.

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