How to House Train Your Boxer

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    • 1). Take your boxer outside consistently. Always take him outside after he eats, wakes up, finishes a play or exercise session or comes out of his crate. These are the times when the pup is most likely to void. If you have a yard, walk the boxer into the yard. If you don't have a yard, put him on a leash for a walk.

    • 2). Stay outside until your boxer goes to the bathroom. Praise the pup and give him a treat once he's done his business and go immediately inside. This way, the boxer learns that going outside means going to the bathroom.

    • 3). Put the puppy back in his crate with a treat to keep him busy. Dogs generally won't eliminate inside their crates, so this teaches the boxer not to go to the bathroom in the house. After a couple of hours, take the puppy outside to go to the bathroom again.

    • 4). Always take your boxer out the same door to go outside. This will teach the dog which door to scratch at when he needs to go out.

    • 5). Take the boxer for a walk at night, just before you put him in his crate to sleep. When you wake up, take him out again immediately.

    • 6). Repeat these steps consistently for about a year. Specialize your walks to take into account the boxer's timing and schedule. After a year of house training, your boxer should be trained enough to be trusted inside on his own.

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