Koi Breeding Guide

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Koi breeding can be a fascinating hobby or business but it is not an easy task to rear Koi as the fish can grow quite large in size.
In order to produce good Koi offspring it is important to find good quality parents in order to produce the same quality of Koi breed.
One primary consideration when considering breeding Koi is to find an ideal parent.
The choice will also involve looking for the kind of color patterns you want to breed.
It is suggested to maintain a quality bloodline of the fish in order to produce better Koi fry.
When you look for a parent Koi you need to consider the age of the fish since it can affect the quality of the egg shells.
Thin shells are commonly produced by young females which significantly affect the survival of the egg.
On the other hand too old females have eggs that are too hard which makes the sperm penetration of the male Koi difficult.
The ideal age for breeding Koi is between 4 to 5 years but breeding can also be successful with 15 years old Koi.
The Koi couple must be kept in separate places for at least 1 month.
During this time they should be given proper feeding for the spawning condition.
Breeding is carried out with pairs of fish.
However, they also find success in breeding a single female Koi with 2 males.
But it is discouraged to use more than 2 males as the female Koi might get hurt.
The ideal time for a successful Koi breeding is usually during full moon as this aids in the spawning process of the fish.
You also need to provide an ideal environment for the spawning process.
You should decorate the aquarium or tank where you want the fish to mate.
The use of a synthetic material for Koi breeding is highly encouraged but many expert breeders still prefer using the natural ones believing it produce good results.
Water hyacinths are good example of a natural material for breeding as it provides suitable spawning spots.
However water hyacinths can carry parasites which require the need for water treatment such as Dipterex to eliminate the parasite prior to the fish breeding set-up.
When breeding your fish outdoor and using water hyacinths it is recommended to place a net on top of the fish tank since the water hyacinths can attract dragon flies.
Although the insect is harmless to the fish it can leave its larvae to the water that can prey on the Koi eggs.
The net will also provide protection to the fry since they have the tendency to jump out of the water.
This will also prevent them from being prowled on by predators.
The pH level of the water can affect the quality of the fry hence you should use neutral water.
Acidic water can give a good red color to the fry but with a weak black color.
Alkaline water will have the opposite effect.
Keeping these tips in Koi breeding will help you produce quality Koi fish.
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