How to Heat a Horse Stall

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    • 1). Close all doors and windows on the barn at night, but keep any ventilation open up top along the roofline or in the hayloft to allow airflow. If you don't do this, the barn will build up a horrible smell in the morning and will develop condensation that results in bacteria growth and equipment damage.

    • 2). Blanket your horses and provide plenty of hay. Choose blankets with breathability, and avoid blanketing as heavily as you would for a horse staying outside overnight. The blankets and hay should cause your horses to generate enough body heat.

    • 3). Add an infrared (or radiant) heater or heat lamps to your horse stalls if Steps 1 and 2 do not work. Remember that 50 degrees Fahrenheit is warm enough for horses. Any heating device you install should have the cords tucked away so horses can't reach them; the devices also should be placed far enough away so that hooves and heads can't get to them.

    • 4). Install insulation and a vapor barrier before using a heater or heat lamps to keep the heat from escaping the barn.

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